About Me...

I am nineteen years old, and I am from Mobile, Alabama. I am a sophomore majoring in Secondary Science Education at the University of South Alabama. I have always had a passion for helping others, so I knew teaching would be right up my alley. With my degree, I hope to teach Biology. I am going to be a tech literate teacher, and I plan to make sure every child in my class is the same as well.

Why did I choose the science field?

Why did I choose the science field? Well, it has always been my favorite subject. It is so much to study in science until the possibilities are very complex. There is always the excitement of finding something new through research. Also, theories and test results are always changing. Science is were the human race has showed off the most.Everything that is being taught in all the different science classes is a discovery found by someone else. Science shows how humans have used their minds to make sense of the super-natural. I would like to teach biology because it's a general study of life. It covers plants, animals, water, and so on. It's basically a little bit of everything. So, you always have the option of doing a new focus every year.There is always something new being discovered. So your material never gets old.

Dreams for the future!

I chose teaching as my profession because I always feel good about helping people. Knowing that I helped someone in any kind of way, has always put a smile on my face. So, there could not have been anything else better for me to do but teach.As a teacher, I plan to play a big role in my students life. I want them to be able to look back and say " Mrs. Moorer taught me this." or " I'm happy Mrs. Moorer has prepared me for this." Knowing that I can do these things for children, is what I strive for. I plan to teach until I'm able to retire, but in between time I plan to do research. Since I am in the science field of education, I can venture out to learning outside of a school or classroom. I want to be the "ultimate teacher".

" No Burp Back Education"

"Burp Back Education" is the concept of repeating information to the students, and then the students burping it back to you in a test or quiz.This method is not a good form of learning because it is pure memorization. The students are not retaining any information for a long period of time. From being in EDM 310, I have learned the best method of learning is doing. By that, I mean the student should do hands on learning or interactive learning. It can be ways to do this with any subject that your teaching. As educators, we should think of creative and fun ways to keep the students engaged, not just writing definitions. For example, my mother teaches her kindergartners their vowels by using foods. She brings apples for the short a vowels, acorns for long a vowels, olives of short o vowels, and so on. This sends a message that the child can easily remember. Creative teaching like this is how learning should be. Having a new and exciting lesson everyday allows the child to be excited about your class and have an open mind to learning.


I have a lot of positive attributes to bring to the table when it comes to teaching. Once I become a teacher, I plan to be everything I ever wanted in a teacher. By that I mean, I will communicate with my students, provide motivation for my students to succeed, and be a shoulder for my students to lean on.I will be modern and up-to-date with my lesson plans, so I will be able to ensure that my students are learning at the most advanced levels. Although I am majoring in a science field, I will merger technology into my lesson. For example, there are now virtual labs. I will do everything possible to be the best teacher I can be for my students!


Not only should you have a positive attitude about learning, but you should always have a positive attitude about everything you do. That is my motto. As I have found out, technology is growing at rapid rates. Everyone must get over their grudges with technology, and jump in the nearest classroom. You can do almost everything you need to do right in the comfort of your home on internet connected laptop or desktop. Without the these vital skills, one will be doomed to failure. So, I have a positive and straight forward attitude when it comes to learning. How about you?


I have a variety of tools in which I feel will prepare me to become a teacher. First, I have an any time personal mentor about Education, my mother. My mother has a A A specialist degree in Elementary Education, and she has been working in the public school system for 32 years. I know her guidance has played a big part in the educational paths of her students, and it surly has laid a solid foundation down for me. I also have the tool of excitement. Does learning get you excited? Well, it makes me feel as if I've had five cups of coffee. When you show enthusiasm and enjoyment in your classroom, your students will do better in your class. If you dry about the topic your teaching, why should the student feel it's important? Also, I have my educational background. Almost every extra curriculum activity I have every been involved in dealt with education, from Upward Bound to the most present LSAMP. I have always be involved in activities that will enhance my learning. Coming out of high school, my GPA was a 3.8. Now in college, I have a GPA a 3.7.